Therapy for anxiety
and depression

Helping you feel
like yourself again

Offering In-Home Therapy in Colorado and Online Therapy in Colorado, California and numerous other states.

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I don't feel like myself"

"I'm so overwhelmed, why is everything is so hard"

"What's wrong with me, I should be happy"

"I'm failing at everything"

"This isn’t how I thought it would be"

"I'm terrified all the time that something bad will happen"

"I must be going crazy"

You’re not alone in what you’re experiencing, and it’s not uncommon. You are not losing your mind, you are not a failure, and things can get better.

I can help you get your life back.

Together we will

  • help you understand how you got here

  • heal intergenerational trauma or dysfunctional family patterns

  • identify your strengths and help you use them

  • identify thought patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • find tools and strategies that work for you

  • empower you to make the changes you need


Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can interfere with your daily life and rob you of motivation, joy, and confidence. You can feel trapped and overwhelmed. Thoughts of worry may bombard you and make you feel out of control. You may feel disconnected and hopeless about the future. Many people who experience depression and anxiety don’t often recognize what is going on and instead blame themselves and feel like failures.

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Anxiety and depression around the birth of a child is the most common perinatal complication and often goes untreated. However, we have made great strides in the past couple of decades in understanding and treating these mental health conditions. Anxiety and depression can have profound effects on mothers, fathers, and babies, but treatment can can help tremendously.